VerumPro is an all inclusive software application with integrated website, eCommerce, CRM, Rental Management, Warehouse Management, Accounting, Human Resources and Manufacturing. It is highly flexible and modular.

Never too late

Retailers now widely use the e-commerce platform but if you haven’t started yet don’t think you have missed the boat. ¬†Fortunately, it is never too late. With 25 years of retail experience and 20 years of IT experience Verum Soft also has a solution for you!

Verum Soft provides the solution

With VerumPro we have a solution for you! All your data in one place for everyone to access. Webshop, Customer Database, Products Database, Leads and Opportunities, Rental & Warehouse,  Accounting and more. VerumPro is the ERP of choise for SMEs.

Competetive Price

Don’t pay for multiple software. You can pay one monthly price for everything that your business needs. Talk to us today about how we can save cost on your existing software

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We supply Business software specifically for stores and other SME’s. Everything you need in one package, in the cloud and is available for a fixed monthly fee per user, depending on how many modules you use! We also supply 24/7 live support available in English, Dutch and German

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Why VerumSoft?

Verumpro has exceptional flexibility and value for money. Over the years several software solutions have been available with their own (im)possibilities, which results in almost double the work load for you. Not any more! VerumPRO saves YOU money, time and effort.

Twenty-five years of retail and twenty-five years of IT experience come in handy during the creation and implementation of new software. Our Software was built using a specific range of requirements and information, because we know how important results are to YOU!

We are reachable via both phone and email. As a valued customer, you can contact us any time if you have an emergency. From our offices in Dublin, London, Amsterdam and New Delhi, there is always someone on the other end who has the valuable experience needed to assist you with your problem .

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Al 30 jaar werkzaam in de retail, zowel voor als achter de toonbank. Ik leg u graag uit wat Verumpro voor u kan betekenen en in samenspraak komen we tot een plan. Bel me gewoon eens voor een afspraak; praten kost niets.

Andy Laisina,
Verumpro Consultant

With Verumpro we already have a nice product that will fit most of your needs. However, if you combine it with the custom modules we make, possibilities are endless!

Rohit Thakral,

Meer dan 25 jaar retail ervaring zorgen dat u er niet alleen voor staat. Als voormalig winkelier ken ik de dagelijkse routines en verantwoordelijkheden. Met elkaar maken we een plan zodat de software voor u werkt i.p.v. andersom

Frans Horsten,